Thursday, November 27, 2014


first and foremost: happy thanksgiving to everyone! i hope you are having an amazing time with your loved ones around you. thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it was truly a blessing to have my entire family come together for dinner. and its not that dinner gatherings weren't a thing in our family... we always did them... but the label of it made it more interesting and fun for me as a kid and i have so many memories of it. having my mom, aunt, grandma in the kitchen trying to make everything ready while us kids were running around or watching something.... put that together with fall in the background and a cozy atmosphere (not to mention the good food).. i just loved it.
as my life takes me on yet another journey this year, i'm not with my family this time around but i'll see them soon. there are so many things i'm thankful for this year and i feel so guilty for not feeling thankful every day. its so easy to get caught up with nonsense distractions in life that we really do forget the good things we have. we always have something to be happy and thankful for in the day... we just tend to overlook them.

of the many things that i am thankful for... such as my family (Mom, Dad, Anita, Asdren) who are my lifethe opportunities they have given me, where my life has brought me thus far, the easiness of this transition to a new country because i know some people may find it with more difficulty, someone as thoughtful and  comforting as Yll to have by my side, and much more.... but there's one specific thing i'm most thankful for this year.

on my mom's second day in bedrest this summer (i didn't know about it yet) i had just flown back to Prishtina from Austria to find her laying on the couch unable to even greet me. these past 4 months it has been a roller coaster of feelings to watch her deal with so much pain yet still keep herself together so well, with so much patience and gratitude and even have the time to deal with all of our problems. it was now that we as a family realized that literally... nothing in the world matters so long as we're happy and healthy.. no matter how cheesy it sounds. 
because nothing did matter to me these past four months ,,except for her. 
if she was happy - i was happy. if she was sad - i was sad. if she cried - i cried with her so she wouldn't be alone.... even though these 4 months weren't the best in a medical aspect (thank God she's finally getting better)...they were amazing because my mother and i had not spent that much time together in a very long time. i spent every single second of the day with her and we even had sleepovers in each others bedrooms which made me feel 5 again. we'd call my aunts on a daily basis and get together and just hang out day after day, night after night, while my mom lay there on the couch until she started feeling better. i had no care for anyone outside my family and it was one of the best times i've had in a looong time. and i can't wait to see her in 10 days to do it all over again!

her surgery was last week and thankfully it went well and she is slowly getting better and pain free. 
so momma, i want you to know that of all the great things that have come my way this year.... these 4 months spent with you night and day- i will always, always remember as one of my favorite moments in life. love you!

on another note: i found this cute list of "things i love about autumn" on Pinterest and it couldn't be more to the point... at least for me. this is why this season is one of my favorites... also cause i was born in the fall =P. again happy thanksgiving to you all!



Tuesday, November 25, 2014

i didn't know how stressful and hard picking out furniture would be- especially with limited time. and i want everything to be so pretty and perfect, ugh. yll is at work until around 5 and the stores here close at 6-6:30...so in the 1-1.5 hours we have left to try and figure out everything... its intense. 

we finally found a couch that i fell in looove with and then when we went to the apartment to measure its dimensions and stick blue tape on where the couch would be... we realized it was way too big. i'm still so angry because it was so nice and comfy. anywhoo we went to this other place and found one almost very similar to it but smaller and i was sooo happy. mind you this is after days of looking at couches and let me tell you: when you are on a floor full of couches... they all look the same to you.. and then when you get too stressed out and tired.. they all look bad, so i feel like it was a miracle we found this one.

we also found a nice bed for our bedroom but for months i've been looking at this bed at IKEA for a while and when we finally went to see it- i fell even more in love with it. we ended finding all of the bedroom furniture at IKEA. but before we could order them we took all their measurements and headed to the apt. the next day to stick the blue tape on the floors to see where everything would be. its just all coming out so good and i hate that i won't be here to see when they all arrive =/  i told yll he has to take photos of the before and after so i can blog about it.
so now i'm a little less stressed about the furniture because what i wanted most to get done was the living room (check) and the bedroom (check).... the other things can wait until i get back.

i also finally went shopping one day and bought 4-5 things... which made up like 3 or 4 new outfits so yay! its been such a long time since i've shopped, i honestly forgot HOW to. after trying on like everything in every store i walked into... i was happy with these choices. check them out in the photos below and tell me what you think.

as for my thesis.. ugh its just so hard. i'm gonna try and make this deal with myself where i have to try and write around 1000 words per day.... that should get me close to 70% done for the next two weeks if i actually follow it. last week i went to this cute cafe with my cousin, his wife and their adorable little newborn. the place was so cozy.. i decided to go back the next day by myself and thats where i wrote my first thousand words... so i might give it a visit today as well.

this Christmas market thingamajig started here and its the absolute cutest. they sell Mulled Wine (Gl├╝hwein) and hot chocolate from like 7-10 and people from the city just gather in the city center where they have all these little stands decorated like gingerbread houses wrapped around in Christmas lights.

anyway this is too long already so until next time- have a great week!


Monday, November 17, 2014

i am here! last night i flew in to Austria.... well technically, Slovenia since that airport is a little closer than the one in Vienna. I was so tired by the end of the night- Yll and his brother got stuck in traffic and i ended up waiting for them for an hour and a half. i hate airport waits. so bad. i saw all sorts of people leave and eventually it was just me and the waitresses inside- and tila-tequila who kept me company on Viber. also, the people at the airport who handle baggage totally messed up my brand new suitcase and im so mad. i literally have sore muscles in my arm from trying to raise and lower the handle that allows you to pull the suitcase on its wheels. it won't work anymore and yesterday afternoon it was perfectly fine. not to mention that i saw a rip on the back of it so idk what the heck they did but its ruined now.

anyway, when they finally made it, we drove to their parents house for dinner and to pick up some clothes I had left there during the summer. We made it to Graz at around 11 pm last night and I couldn't keep my eyes open. my initial plan was to wake up early today- spend the morning unpacking and all of that, eat breakfast and then start with my thesis. 
that was not the case. i woke up at 12 and spent the whole afternoon unpacking....i didn't know how much i had brought with me. and then i said: let me catch up on some big bang theory on netflix (since they have it now in Austria- YAY!!!!) and its now 5:20 and i'm 6 episodes from where i was yesterday. its been so long since i've spent a weekday inside doing nothing... with noone at home. Yll and his brother are at work and i have this cozy living room all to myself. with my laptop and netflix and a bag of chips next to me... eh- the thesis can wait until tomorrow. i haven't even once thought about any of the things i have to do in these three weeks (furniture for the apt.) and i don't plan on. i've just never felt so relaxed in a really long time... and it's monday guys. that really says something. i won't be here long this time... only 3 weeks, but it weird to think that it is in fact the start of the big move. 

i will say i kind of miss the little munchkins of K-5; those kids are just the sweetest. but i'll see them in 3 weeks when I get back to the classroom. my mom goes into surgery tomorrow and it kind of sucks that i won't be there. i pushed my ticket for long enough already and i couldn't do it anymore because i had to get these things done before going back to Kosovo in December. i know she'll be more than okay and i hope it just relieves her from the pain she's been dealing with for the past 4 months. no reason to be nervous, mom! you'll be fine and i love you! :)

anywhoo, until next time!

waiting all alone **tear tear**

Been MIA

Sunday, November 2, 2014

When I first started this blog, it was because after graduating college, I really missed writing. I can clearly remember the first time I really fell in love with the whole world of literature... both reading and writing. I was in the 4th grade and was still taking ESL classes in my elementary school in Brooklyn since I had move only 3 years earlier. My fourth grade teacher was so supportive and kept saying that he really believed in my English skills so he decided to give me a book that had just started becoming a little popular in the US back in 1999. Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone was and continues to be my favorite book... a book which literally blew my imagination away. It was pretty difficult at first, especially for someone who back then, didn't have English as their first language..... but I remember reading through it so quickly and being completely infatuated by it. As I became a better English speaker... my love for books and writing really...REALLY evolved and throughout all my school years I never once minded the essays or the book deadlines. And so, to make this long story shorter.... blogging started because after my schooling years were done, I just needed an outlet to write about my day whether someone cared about reading it or not.

In the past two months so many things and obstacles have come my way that truth be told, although I really did just want to sit down and just write it out.... all those things got in the way. My mom used to always tell me to never plan for longer than today because you never know what may happen in between today and tomorrow. I, being the over-thinking, self-diagnosed OCD-having to have everything planned person that I am... never listened. This summer I was supposed to pick out my new apartment in Graz, Austria where Yll and I are moving to.... finished my masters thesis, have actually moved by now and getting all my furniture ordered and so on. In between the middle of August... right after we chose our perfect apartment and came back to Prishtina for the rest of the summer the following things happened:

  • my mom had a sever herniated disc inflammation leaving her literally unable to move for more than 3 meters for like 8 weeks, leading to 
  • me substituting for her as a Kindergarten teacher (which btw, although it is energy-draining... it has been one of the most rewarding things I've ever done),
  • helped take care of my mom day and night, 
  • had my grandfather undergo two major surgeries which led him and my dad to fly out to the US and our family in lots of stress, 
  • deal with a LEAK in our new-found apartment for the past two months because they weren't able to find out where it was coming from. btw- i now know that construction workers or whoever deals with these things... the majority are all a-holes in any place of the world. I literally thought it was just here.. but no. so-called civilized places have it the same and it was SO frustrating.
  • pushed my thesis deadline because I couldn't do anything by this point, 
  • pushed my flight of moving to Austria for another month due to the leaks
  • dealt with a gazillion paperwork that is still not even done due to my moving to Austria and whatever comes along with it.... and so on and so forth that I can't even remember right now.
none of these were in my book of plans for the summer or year and believe me when I say I was losing my mind. And for the past two weeks one of my phone reminders has been: BLOG! because I've been meaning to for so long but I never have the time.

I have so much to say and talk about but because this post is already long... I'll stop and put up some photos to show the better times of the last 2 months and I'll keep you updated soon enough.

Ferris wheels. i hate heights.

apartment hunting. an apt. in this red building would have been our new home but there was never any sunlight and the bathroom was a no-no.

celebrating good times :)
birthday festivities and surprises! i love you momma :)

they kept this surprise secret for 2 whole hours! i couldn't believe it! and then they sang me happy birthday!!!
miss you tila tequila

how can you not love coming to work when you have such cutie pies waiting for you in class??


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

i'm not even going to apologize for my lousy blog-post schedule this time. my summer is too hectic for that. 
i haven't really announced it here or to many but since its really happening now, i might as well. Yll & i are moving to Austria at the end of this year...a little sooner then that actually. so for the past week we've been running around Graz apartment hunting. i haven't had time to work on my thesis (and i am freeeeeaked out) let alone write a blog post. everything is crazy and i can't wait for it all to be over. i may seem a little unexcited about it now... but when i'm a little more calm, i'll dedicate a whole post to how and why we're moving.

FOR NOW, let us continue where we left off. ah, yes- yll's visit to Struga. well, after our wonderful BBQ night at home, the next day we took them to a little tour of Ohrid. We literally tried to squeeze everything we could into our tight schedule. First we had to take them to Sveti Naum... it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and the little boat ride is just so tranquilizing. i hadn't been there in 2 years and they had fixed everything (the beach, the little shacks to buy things) so wonderfully and it was even better then when I last remember it. It is here that you can clearly see the black drim river mixing with the lake. Our boat-tour guide-captain, who was hilarious and who introduced himself as Captain Jack Sparrow, told us that if you climbed the mountain peak that was right next to us (I forgot its name) you could see the trail of the river going through the lake all the way to the other side. pretty cool huh?

Next we went and visited the old streets of Ohrid City all the way up to the fortress. it was a LONG, very uphill walk but totally worth it. and i'm not really someone who enjoys walking uphill...or exercising but for some reason I was way ahead everyone else and I didn't have one sore muscle the next morning, so yay me! after what felt like the longest and hottest day of my life, we finally headed home quickly to change and go to a dinner reservation that we had booked at Hotel Inex Gorica. The terrace view of the lake was astounding to look at and we had a wonderful time and seriously good food as well before heading home late into the night.

The following day they were supposed to leave early but not before we showed them around our little city once more. It was so hot.. and the water in the Drim River looked so good... i really wished I had had a bathing suit on that morning cause I would have had no problem jumping in. i think yll's dad felt the same lol. here are the rest of the photos!

On another note, I would like to remember the legend that is Robin Williams, who passed away this Monday. I am truly and utterly shocked & sad to hear of his passing. I remember watching Dead Poets Society in English class and thinking- this might just be one of the greatest movies I've ever seen. His films have played such a big role in the laughs of my childhood as well as growing up. He spoke cheerful words of wisdom with each character he played and I choose to remember him only in that way. He truly was a legend of our time. 

         "O Captain! my Captain! rise up and hear the bells;
          Rise up—for you the flag is flung—for you the bugle trills"

whenever we asked someone to take a group photo of us, they always seemed to put their finger on the camera/

i HATE heights and don't know why i went up there. those stairs were SO steep and horrible i was shaking and sweating and when i got down i almost started crying lol.

lol my arm. idk.

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